Friday, October 24, 2008

Quote of the Day

In the middle of his review for Madonna's directorial debut Filth & Wisdom, I found this semi-distracted mid-review ramble by Roger Ebert on the changes in what constitutes sexy over time pretty smart and amusing... especially when one remembers he's the screen-writer for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls:

"I saw my first strip show at the old Follies Burlesque on South State, one day after I moved to Chicago, and I interviewed the immortal Tempest Storm when she appeared here. The strippers at that time performed slowly and seductively, and it was a "tease." Today's strippers leap onstage already almost naked and perform contortions that gotta hurt. Some are so gifted, they can get one boob going clockwise and the other counterclockwise.

Ugh. They're erotic only to men who enjoy seeing women humiliate themselves. I was but a callow youth from a rural town amid the soy fields, but reader, I confess I idealized some of them. I haven't attended a strip show in years and years, and for that, I am grateful. Oh, there was that time we were in Bangkok and saw the show with the Ping-Pong balls. Who could think of sex during such a skillful display?"

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