Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quotes of the Day has 17 Questions with David Boreanaz up today, and when asked to name the most overrated show on TV he said:

"Heroes. We were doin' that in '97 with Buffy. I love all the people on Heroes, I know all the actors, but I think it's overrated. I personally don't get it."

I keep watching the blasted show because of Kristen Bell, but Davy-boy is spot-on. Except he forgets to mention that Buffy was doing what Heroes tries to do and doing it a thousand times better.

And then they ask him what show he's most excited to watch this Fall, and he says:

"Bones. Funniest show on television. Best romantic duo ever to grace the screen. [Laughs] And the network says we're too funny. ''Let's pimp Fringe* which makes no sense, about some disease that's taken over an airplane!'' 'Cause that's unique. Nothing against you, J.J., because I love you and I'd love to work with you someday. But I'm not gonna put the foaming Alka-Seltzer tablet in my mouth and shake the camera. [Laughs] I'm bashing my own network... This spa music is lulling me into controversy right now. I won't be allowed back on the lot...."

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