Monday, September 08, 2008

FGFC: Food of the Gods... Sorta

So... I couldn't get my DVD to work while I was at work today, and of course I didn't prepare beforehand - Who? Me? - even though I keep effing up my participation in Final Girl's Film Club month after month after month... after month...

Anyway, my DVD of 1976's "When Giant Animals Attack" schlockterpiece Food of the Gods wouldn't work, and now I've gotten home and sat and read through everyone else's entries and realized that... I have nothing else to say that hasn't been said on this movie by other people already today. Choice topics of discussion: Ida Lupino bitten by giant maggots! Ida Lupino fighting a giant rat to the death! Ida Lupino... well Ida Lupino's everything, really. I got nothing else.

Wait -- I got this!

That's a really pretty shot, no? The location shooting on Bowen Island in British Columbia (that's Canada, y'all!) in the movie is actually kind of nice. And if you click on that link you'll go to the website for Bowen Island, and I highly suggest you read the masterpiece of travel prose, entitled "Bowen Island - A Day Trip" written by the uninomial (Like Cher and Madonna!) Nathan. Here's some choice quotes:

"OK, so Bowen Island isn't a burial ground of prehistoric dinosaur bones, but like dad said, it's still a pretty neat place to go. Jen said it's spelled the same way as the empty beer bottles we have stacked up in our carport."

"Mom said the Snug Coffee House passed the coffee test, and I have to admit, I ate two bowls of their vegetarian chili."

"When we got back to the village we went to the general store and bought some Mr. Freezies. They sell everything in that store, even beer and wine."

"Dad kept pretending he was a Sasquatch, which got Jen going a few times. I've heard his Sasquatch routine a hundred times, so he didn't scare me."

"I think what Mom and Dad like the best about Bowen Island is that life is simple. Jen and I can't argue about what to do, because there's only one thing to do."

"Dad really likes the feel of Bowen Island. He says it reminds him of the old days when he grew his hair long and wore a peace sign around his neck. Mom says it's lucky she didn't know him back then."

Well I know where I'm spending next Summer. Seriously though... that kid's surrounded by booze and dried-up dreams. Sadness.

Okay, back to the movie. Go read Stacie's spot-on take on the flick, and then click on everybody else's worthwhile submissions at the bottom.

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Stacie Ponder said...

Yay! You kinda played along! (about damn time)

Ida Lupino. God damn.