Monday, September 29, 2008

5 10 Off My Head - Oh-Eight's Remains

When I made my list last week of the five films I've liked the most so far in 2008, I meant to jump right in and do this obvious companion list of what's coming up for the rest of the year that I'm most looking forward to. And then... I didn't. But I am now. And now's as good as then, really, so stop glaring at me.

And now that I've sat down and looked at what's coming out, well I can't possibly cut this down to just five. Tis impossible. So here are the 10 films coming out between now and the end of the year that've got my gooses pimpled. A lot of these won't be very surprising if you've ever been here to MNPP before. They're in order of release date, not preference, by the way.

October 3 - Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - I don't know what it is about this movie's trailer, but it's worked some sort of voodoo hypnotic spell on my ass, and it makes me smile every time I watch it. It seems to have captured something special. Michael Cera agrees with me that his indie-teen virgin schtick is nearing its expiration date though, so good on him.

October 24th - Synecdoche, NY - It's that list of actresses' names that gets me every time. Morton, Williams, Keener, Watson, Weist, Leigh, Davis. I don't normally consider myself a full-fledged member of Nat's actressexual cult, but this is the sort of movie that calls that into question.

Let the Right One In - This Swedish vampire movie has been getting tons of raves, and is getting a release in time for All Hallows. And it's actually the only horror movie (besides Fear(s) of the Dark, which I've already seen, as should you) between now and Christmas that I have any interest in! WTF? It's that goddamned Saw series' fault, taking over the entire holiday. Shit-for-brains nonsense shit. Ugh. Anyway, I've heard super great things about Let the Right One In but at the same time I've done my damndest to avoid knowing too much going in (I always try with horror movies, whenever possible). Here's to hopin' it fulfills my year-end's worth of horror needs. And yes, Matt "Cloverfield" Reeves is already attached for a remake of this one.

October 31st - Zack & Miri Make A Porno - I'm so going to regret this one, I know it already. I've never liked a single Kevin Smith movie. Kevin Smith as a personality, I kinda like; his movies, no, no, no. But the trailer for this flick keeps making me laugh, much to my own shame. I don't know. Maybe it'll work. I'd like to like Seth Rogen again after he bored me in Pineapple Express, and Elizabeth Banks is worthy of her moment to shine. We shall see...

November 26th - The Road - Though the book nearly sent me into a bottomless spiraling downward of depression, I'm still somehow really looking forward to this film. Huh.

Australia - I hope that Baz wrote a scene into the beginning of the film where Nicole Kidman's face is stung by a thousand hornets, which will explain why her character's visage is so swollen and expressionless. Snark aside, fingers crossed that this is great. An enormous epic romance with Hugh Jackman looking like this is just what the doctor ordered at every given moment.

Milk - Much to my own surprise, I find myself tearing up at this trailer more with each successive viewing. This movie's probably gonna wreck me, I can feel it already. I hope Van Sant knocks this one outta the park, really I do. Everything just looks so damned right.

December 12th - Doubt - I really hadn't given this flick a whole lot of though until I saw the trailer. Then I did, see the trailer that is, and it rocketed way up towards the top of the heap. Looks absolutely riveting.

December 19th - The Wrestler - Aronofsky is enough, of course, to get my ass there in an instant, but the crazy positive word of mouth attached to this thing has got me especially excited.

December 25th - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Fincher, Pitt, Blanchett, Swinton... was there ever any doubt? If I were listing these things in order, this'd be my number one pic easy, hands down, not a doubt in the world. I would commit atrocities in this movie's name if it brought it closer quicker.


Mary P said...

seriously, what is it about Nick and Nora? i feel silly for wanting to see it but the buried high school me keeps wanting me to pull in closer!

FranklinBluth said...

you haven't liked a SINGLE Kevin Smith film!?!? Wha?!?! Which of his films have you seen?

Joe Reid said...

It makes me sad that you didn't at least kind of like Chasing Amy.

Barry said...

What about Revoultionary Road???

JA said...

franklinbluth, I've seen everything except for Clerks 2. I liked pieces of Clerks... and a couple bits in Dogma... and that's it. All of the rest of his movies have made me want to kill myself.

Joe, I cannot abide Joey Lauren Adams for a split second; Chasing Amy made me want to skin myself alive. THAT VOICE IS MURDER ITSELF.

barry, I KNOW. It was on my short-list. I don't know why I left it off. I really want it to be great, and I know Kate will be... the trailer didn't do a lot for me though, to be honest. I was more excited before the trailer. And since I just saw the trailer for the first time on Sunday, there's a lingering doubt right now. But I am totally there opening weekend.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Mallrats is the only Kevin Smith I've even remotely liked.

And, I'll keep saying it, Let the Right One In isn't as good as people are saying. It's neither scary enough to work as a fully fledged horror flick, nor is it dramatically interesting enough to work as a drama that just happens to be about vampires.

In between the amazing beginning and end there's a lot of waffle.

JA said...

How have I missed you talking about this movie, Glenn? Huh. Maybe I just forgot; it's impossible that I didn't read it. ANYWAY I still want to see it. I appreciate you tempering my expectations though.

Anonymous said...

Guess who gets to see Zach and Miri on Monday?!? Bri does, awww snap! Finally a perk from my lame job!

JA said...

Turd Burglar!