Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die

"No, please don't kill me, Mr. Ghostface,
I wanna be in the sequel!"
Scream (1996)

Ouchie! With all the chatter I instigated earlier this week involving the lovely lady performances of horror cinema, I gots Scream on my mind. Mostly because it got me thinking about how awesometastic those first several minutes with Drew Barrymore are, but from there my mind wandered into the rest of the film, and what a bunch of great ladies there were busting balls left and right. Neve Campbell is basically the tormented straight woman to everybody else's foibles, but she's more interesting here than she's ever managed in anything else. Then there's the terrible two-some that surround her, starting with her frosted-chunk nemesis Gale Weathers - oh how I lurve that name - played with hilarious bitchiness by Courtney Cox. And then of course Neve's best bud, the bosomy firecracker Tatum, played by my beloved Rose McGowan, seen biting the business end of the garage door above.

Anyway, this is a Thursday's Ways Not To Die that I've been wanting to do for ages. One of my absolute most prized death scenes. I love it so very much; I want to roll around in on the kitchen floor with it and have it call me filthy names in my ear. The entire scene sums up what was so special about Scream at the time: it has our chesty friend go to a dark place all by herself, and then gives us the clichéd "cat scare" to kick things off - Look out! Jumping feline! But then Tatum, bless her psychedelic skirt, kicks the living shit out of the killer. Seriously, she wallops the hell out of him. Beer bottles are flung into his crotch and face, she fucking flips him upside down over her back... lady delivers a righteous beat-down.

But sadly, she then goes and chooses unwisely. You're never gonna fit through that doggie door, Tatum! You are a shapely girl (wonderfully so; even this gay boy can tell)!

And in a stroke of deviant brilliance, whomever is behind that mask (do we know who's behind the mask here? I can't remember, but I think it's supposed to be Billy doing this kill... um, spoiler?) just switches on the garage door and lets technology do the job for him. Bad. Ass.

And horrible, of course. RIP Tatum, you saucy broad. Your candle burned out well before your legend ever did. BAM! Superbitch!

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scroggins said...

I'm copying that first still and saving it to My Pictures.

Joe Reid said...

Love it. One of the best scene in a movie full of 'em. "Superbitch!" So awesome.

spartickes said...

Damn you Scream for introducing me to Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard.

Damn you Skeet and Matthew for not being as good in anything else for the last 12 frakkin years.

Liev, you're fine, just underused.

Rose, ahhhh ain't nuttin wrong with that!

Jamie, well I hate to be a hater, but choke on a corndog please.

RJ said...

Best. Death. Ever.

Glenn Dunks said...


You know my love for this movie knows no bounds and this scene is just part of the reason why.