Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Most Insidious Song Ever Written Is...

... "Rise & Shine" by The Cardigans. Seriously.

I realized this a few month's ago, when I went on a road-trip and brought their greatest hits collection for the car (I do love them so very much, although they're stuff post-Gran Turismo is much more my speed) and I came to discover that hmm, I heard this tune "Rise & Shine" one time - one time! - while driving around, and now I've been humming the damned thing all week long.

However, I didn't realize this well enough, apparently, to then go and delete the song from my iPod, lest I fall prey again. Come to last night, I'm innocently washing the dishes, listening to some tunes. What should start to play? Indeed. I ran with swift speed to the other room to change the song as quickly as I could. I only heard perhaps thirty seconds... long enough for it to have gotten to the chorus, though... that insidious chorus...

"Rise and shine! (Rise and shine.) Rise and shine, my sister!
Rise and shine! (Rise and shine.) Rise and shine, my sister!"

The night continued. I listenned to other music as I finished the dishes. I watched a movie. I went to bed. I slept for seven hours. I woke up. I went jogging and listened to my iPod as I ran. I went home, showered, got dressed, rode the subway to work while listening to my iPod some more. All different music; not once did I hear "Rise & Shine" again. Just those brief few seconds last night. I get to my office... I sit down here at my computer...

And what is running through my fucking head on non-stop repeat?

"Rise and shine! (Rise and shine.) Rise and shine, my sister!
Rise and shine! (Rise and shine.) Rise and shine, my sister!"

Curse you, Cardigans! Curse you straight to heck!

Anyway, I apologize for this univited, wayward rant. But it must be vented, or else... unspeakable, unspeakable.

I ask y'all: What song was the last one to wind its tendrils deep into your brain, burrow a little nook and/or cranny, and take up home? And since this post is positively useless without proof of Nina Persson's devilry, here's an mp3 of "Rise & Shine" so you can all go mad alongside me! Whee!


Anonymous said...

Oh I fall prey to tons of earworms. I'm a Mom, so the worst ones tend to be songs from cartoons designed for two-year olds (although I confess that my current ringtone is the theme from The Wonder Pets).

One particular song that plagues me is by Daft Punk, and all I get is "the world around, the world around, the world around..." over and over. And over. and over.

Joe Reid said...

Oh THANKS for that "around the world" song, elevendreams. That song won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

spartickes said...

The Cardigans are tailor made (sorry for the pun) for earworms though, pretty much the entire Super Extra Gravity album is that way for me.

They Might Be Giants deserve special mention, I've had Flood stuck in my head for 18 damn years. Seriously, I don't think I can get through a whole day without humming along part of at least one song, or shouting out "Minimum Wage! Heeya!"