Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Little More Statham To Get You By

Doing that last post reminded me of something I'd been wanting to do and forgot about: grabbing the couple of stills of beefcakey-Statham-goodness in the godawful trailer for Death Race. So that's what I be doing:

I swear, all the interest I had in this movie - and I did have a little - was obliterated by this trailer. Not to mention the fact that it's run before nearly every single movie I've gone to see this Summer and I am so sick and tired of it I can't wait for the film to come and go already. And this is coming from someone who enjoys the original film and has seriously enjoyed Paul W.S. Anderson's direction on two previous occasions - Event Horizon and Resident Evil would be those two occasions.

So if it's so turned me off by now... well, it'll probably still do fine, since it has things going kabluey and girls shaking their asses.


scroggins said...

I know it looks terrible and everything, but I'd watch Ian McShane read the phone book.

Anonymous said...

Jason Statham isn't conventionally hot (my opinion). He's mostly balding but he has that body, and he's cute. I'm sure he doesn't want to think that guys check him out, but he's hot. I've never seen his movies in the theatre on rented them. I'm guessing he'll never win an Oscar but he's very easy on the eyes.

Dave Ehrlich said...

Thank you for that heaping helping of Statham, Jason.