Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Love Ellen

I don't really take the opportunity much to talk about my love of Ellen Degeneres here at MNPP - it just never seems to come up. But I do love her. I loved her back when her show was called These Friends of Mine and she was ostensibly heterosexual, and then she came out and I loved her more, and then one night I had this dream that she and I and Anne Heche were sitting at their breakfast table eating bagels and fruit and it was wonderful and I loved her even more then, and she was a fantastic Oscar host (suck it haters!), and so our love affair continues to this day, even though I never get to watch her program because it's on while I'm at work.

And I love her and Portia together, so I keep hoping I have a breakfast-food dream about the two of them someday. And now they's married! And I see what Ellen wrote on her website (via) yesterday and I am reminded of how much I love the funny lady:

A hefty batch o' congratulations to the pair. It can't be easy, I imagine, living their lives in the public eye as one of the few high-profile gay couples out there... it's gotta be some pressure to appear perfect. I wish them all the best.


H. Alan Scott said...

Same here. I feel like I've grown up with Ellen. Saw her comedy special, then "These Friends of Mine," then secretly watching the coming out episode of "Ellen," on a tiny TV in my bedroom so nobody would figure out that I was gay, to seeing her host the Oscars (every comedians dream). I respect her so much.

Anonymous said...

I heart Ellen.