Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Am Link

--- All Signs Point To No - AfterElton is asking if the movie Death Race is a landmark in gay film because Tyrese Gibson's character is referred to as gay but that's not central to his character, plus (spoiler alert!) he lives at the end. What is this, 1980? I don't know that that still constitutes "landmark" first off, and secondly, everything that I've read elsewhere states that the character's sexuality, while briefly questioned, is ultimately stated to be straight. So... there is no there there. Like the whole movie, apparently.

--- Rejoice, Rejoice, Stacie has begun a week of reviews at Final Girl. First up is the 1982 flick Night Warning, which apparently was once called by the much better title Nightmare Maker. Title alteration aside, the movie sounds delightful.

--- Cupid Is A Go - Rob "Veronica Mars" Thomas's remake of his own long-canceled show Cupid was greenlighted (greenlit?) by ABC. The new version stars Bobby Cannavale... mmm. Also, ABC greenlit (greenlighted?) a show called Castle that stars Nathan Fillion and is about I don't care it stars Nathan Fillion.

--- Mo' Myers - AITH has word that there's going to be a sequel made to Rob Zombie's Halloween thing. The duo that were set to make the Hellraiser remake, before that fell apart, are attached; Zombie will not participate. Ya know... I still haven't watched Zombie's movie. I have a copy, and every time I'm scanning through DVDs to watch I feel sick to my stomach when I see it staring up at me. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it, y'all. That said, if nobody's boiled alive in a therapy tub this sequel is useless.


J.D. said...

"Greenlit" seems sort of elitist.

FDot said...

I caught Night Warning at a midnight screening out on Long Island about 2 months ago. It is everything you want in an early 1980's horror film and more. Susan Tyrell gives one of the most off-kilter performances I've ever seen. Final Girl has it right, this film has to be seen to be believed. Hopefully it makes it's DVD release date.

Nightmare Maker comes from the title of the book the movie was adapted from. 'Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker.' Plus, it's directed by William Asher, who directed all those Frankie/Annette beach movies.