Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello Dushku!

io9 is covering the Dollhouse beat pretty thoroughly these days, and bless them for it. Today they've got a (spoiler-crammed) write-up set on alleviating our fears regarding the switcharoo that moved the original pilot to episode #2 and had Joss filming a new pilot episode.

I skimmed it mostly, because I would like to have some surprises left when the show starts in January thank you very much, but it led me to this article from last week also at io9, that looked at the script for the old pilot (now second episode) and, while also too spoilery for me to read, it promises that the show's not gonna skimp on the creepy factor. Which YAY!

Mostly though I just liked that picture of Eliza above, and that's why I'm doing this post. Lady lookin' good, no?

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