Tuesday, August 19, 2008

5 Off The Top Of My Head - Pushing Guest Stars!

With the news a couple weeks ago that Beth Grant (Eee!) will be guest-starring on a couple of episodes of Pushing Daisies this Fall, and today's word that Fred Willard and Reno 911!'s Kerri Kenney will both be in an episode, it got me thinking on all the stars the show has thrown a bone to already - Paul Reubens, Molly Shannon, Mike White - and who might be to come... so totally randomly, off the top of my head, here are five actors that I hope show up on the show some time! I know you're listening, Bryan Fuller. This here's my wish list. You need to make this happen. Do it!

Sarah Michelle Gellar - She's co-starred with Lee Pace in Possession, aka the movie whose release date keeps shifting further and further into the future, and supposedly the two are best buds in real life. And I'd argue that Gellar's greatest strength is the witty word-play, which PD has in spades. Also... she's Buffy Summers, and I love her.

Rick Moranis - Suddenly Seymour is standing in front of Ellen Greene again? Please?

Alessandro Nivola - He co-starred in the movie Goal! The Dream Begins with Anna Friel. From what I remember, their characters didn't really have anything to do with each other - she was the girl for the main character while Nivola was the competitor-turned-best-friend for same. But Nivola... well, he'd make a great competitor for Ned the Pie-maker's affections... I do mean of course that he'd be trying to steal Ned away from Chuck, obviously. Mmhmm.

Caroline Dhavernas - I've already expressed this wish, and Fuller's already whispered it could come to pass, so I'll not jinx myself too badly by going on and on and on about how awesome it'd be seeing Jaye of Wonderfalls again. But it would. Oh would it ever be. Awesome, that is.

Cheyenne Jackson - I couldn't even tell you if Jackson and the delightful Kristin Chenoweth have ever acted together in anything on-stage, because I am as clueless as clueless gets when it comes to The Great White Way. But he was the first Broadway person I thought of when I thought of someone to compliment Chenoweth, and honestly... because I'm so theater-ignorant (on purpose, mind you) I never get a chance to post on Mr. Jackson, but... well, he's made himself known to my "attentions" and I'm seizing this opportunity, however slight it may be, to exploit this chance. And him. Cheyenne Jackson on a large platter, please. There must be some sort of water-themed episode that'll need a speedo-clad lifeguard coming up, right Bryan Fuller? RIGHT?

Who would y'all love to see show up on the show? There are billions of correct answers, of course - so many people could rock this world that Bryan Fuller's created. Do tell!


El Gigante said...

A Rick Morranis guest spot on Pushing Daisies is so good that it now MUST happen now. MUST! For heaven's sake, someone start a petition/get a phone bank going/leave notes in front of Bryan Fuller's house. This must happen.

RJ said...

Dare I suggest Alessandro AND Caroline in the same episode . . . as brother and sister or something?

elgringo said...

Caroline Dhavernas and Ellen Muth should both show up on the same episode. That would just make me happy!