Thursday, July 03, 2008

Today's Fanboy Delusion

.Today I'd rather be...

... cleaning the attic with Patrick Wilson.

Speaking of, a very happy 35th birthday
going out to Mr. Wilson today.


J.D. said...

His butt is beyond perfect.

So Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Way to cut the good half out of that scene, man. As if we needed any more proof that you're gay.

Jason Adams said...

I love me some Winslet, Sean! I'll post pretty pictures of her til the cows come home. In a totally gay way, sure, but love all the same. But it's Patty-boy's birthday, not hers.

And come on, even a super-straight boy like yourself ought to be able to appreciate, from a purely visual stand-point, a perfect specimen of manhood such of Patrick Wilson when one sees it.

Yes, I threw down the gauntlet, just a lil' bit, there. ;-)