Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RIP Estelle Getty

A billion gay boys raised on Golden Girls are gonna be drowning their sorrows in cheesecake and booze this evening... and yes, I count myself as Treasurer of that esteemed group. Estelle Getty, aka Sophia Petrillo of The Golden Girls, died this morning at the age of 84. Unbelievable sadness.

I named Sophia #8 in my 25 favorite TV Characters countdown... I grew up, was raised, was taught so very much, by Sophia's nasty sarcastic barbs. My thoughts go out to her real-life family and her TV family - Bea, Betty, Rue. Sad, sad, sad.


elgringo said...

Wow, that's sad. Sorta expected...sorta "she was still alive?... but sad none-the-less.

Joe Reid said...

Picture it: The Great Beyond, 2008.

Super lady.