Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry & the Half-Blood Trailer

So sure enough, the trailer for Harry Potter #6 popped online last evening... you can view it via here. I went and took some screen-grabs, per routine. Ta-dah!

A couple of notes on it: I just realized that Daniel Radcliffe spends about half the story with his face submerged in that damned pool. Hopefully they'll limit that visually. Secondly, I keep hearing that Dumbledore looks like Gandalf here, and that's always been the case, but those fiery shots above actually make me think of Moses and the burning bush first.

Could just be my religious upbringing rearing it's head, though. And thirdly, the flashes of Voldemort are delightfully creepy, if a bit of a blatantly stolen trick from The Exorcist.

Still, there are worse places to crib from if you wanna creep us out.

Lastly, a question: like I said yesterday, it's been three years since I read this book - what it that scene with Ginny and someone stalking her through the wheat? Who is that in that shot looking at her, then knocking away her wand? And then we see Ron frozen on the floor... I don't remember any of this. I really have got to read the books again.


elevendreams said...

My skin is about to split open with excitement. This was my second favorite book in the series (Askaban was #1) and I really hope the movie does it justice, especially since Phoenix royally sucked. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that Ron frozen on the floor will turn out to be when he drank the poisoned mead in Slughorn's office, where Harry saved him with a bezoar.

The scene with Ginny is likely a new scene that they've added, where Bellatrix LeStrange and Fenrir Greyback (the werewolf) attack the Burrow.

I really don't like the idea of artistic license stretching to them completely fabricating a scene, but I guess I will reserve total judgment until I've seen it.

JA said...

Thanks for that, anonymous.

As for them making up a scene... JK's got her mitts all over everything they do, doesn't she? I trust her well enough not to be worried with something like that. Like how she put a note on the script when the screenwriter tried to make ref. to a past girlfriend/love of Dumbeldore's and was all "" She'd have set things straight with them before anything completely blasphemous was put to screen, I think.

So that's a glimpse of Fenrir, then? I cannot wait to see him.

Anonymous said...

Yes - it is totally JK-approved. From MuggleNet (shut up):

....A new scene where Bellatrix and Greyback attack the Burrow looks action-packed and should start the film off on a great foot.

For the first time ever, an entirely new action sequence is being added to a Potter film. When fans first heard about it, they were unsure of what it would do to the film. The news broke online after the set visit, so when I saw pictures of it in the press roomI had to inquire further.

I did just that when we sat down with Producer David Barron, and he had some confident answers. It was essentially to try and keep the threat of the outside world alive because, in the books Jo sort of threads it through in sort of smallish ways on a fairly constant basis - so even though nothing is really happening out there Ð Voldemort, he takes a lot of time to get ready for his final battle, but she is able to keep it feeling dramatic through threading little bits such as children in tears because they just got news that a relative has died or been captured or Ð things like that just keep an ever present [fear]. And with the film it's very difficult to, while staying with the main storyline, to keep all that sort of presence. So this comes pretty much in the middle of the film and it's a very graphic demonstration of the fact that great danger exists out there and it's not safe for anybody, least of all Harry.

I then proceeded to ask how he thinks the fan will take the new scene given how critical they usually are. We hope they take it well because it serves a proper story point, and it's fun, it's exciting, and it's of any consolation, Jo approved of it so Ð nothing would go in the script she wouldn't approve of.

JA said...

I would NEVER judge you for posting a link to MuggleNet. When the books were still coming out I spent bunches of time over there. Great site. And thanks for that info! The producer convinced me that it all sounds reasonable enough. Plus, HBC getting more evil face-time = Awesome.

Rural Juror said...

Ralph Fiennes is kind of amazing, isn't he? I mean, this is Justin Quayle playing the most evil wizard alive-ish.