Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy (Super-Duper Late) 3 To MNPP

I went looking for a picture of a male celebrity wearing plaid pants and the only one I found was this one of John Mayer:

Does this mean I have to accept him as MNPP's spokeswhore? Because he and I have a sordid, troubled history... I hate him sorta, but he's funny kinda, and then he got all hot and he's really very tall, but he dates Jessica Simpson or Jen Aniston and eww, but still he's hot... total hate-fuck material, I suppose.

Point: It just occurred to me that this here My New Plaid Pants turned 3 years old... a full month ago! June 2nd, to be crystal. Man, if even I can't show the blog any love... it's just like all my goldfish. The minute the boyfriend goes out of town for a trip our goldfish commit hari-kari every time - they swallow pebbles and cram themselves under giant rocks... anything to escape alone time with me. Sad face! This blog is just like the puppy I've always wanted yet will inevitably die once I have my hands on it because I am incapable of nurturing anything besides my own fragile psychoses.

Ahem. So a belated happy blog-birthday to me...? You can give me belated gifts of finding other male celebrities wearing plaid pants, how's that? Where's Jake's plaid-panted support anyway? Ungrateful bastard.


Joe Reid said...

So this means that for the past year MNPP was going through the Terrible Twos? That explains a LOT.

The happiest of birthday wishes to one of the bestest blogs around.

Anonymous said...

Many Happy Returns to MNPP!!!

I will move heaven and earth to get a picture of Jake in plaid pants for you!

Seriously, love your blog!

SamuraiFrog said...

Congratulations on turning 3!

Wow, I even managed to be a day late to this late announcement. My slovenly reclusiveness knows no bounds.

Seriously, though, I hope we get at least three more years of MNPP.

Xenia said...

Happy birthday wishes
to your blog, JA!! Love it!

And...how would you call these?
Jake's plaid pants

Jason Adams said...

Thanks you guys!

And Xenia - KICK. ASS!!! How did I ever space on that old photo-shoot? Bad Jake-fan, I am! I should've known Jakey wouldn't let me down.

Anonymous said...

i'm a day late (and more than a dollar short), but happy b-day to MNPP!

GhoulieJulie said...

Congratulations! Love your blog very much!