Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Birthday Boys


Today is the 31st birthday of Milo Ventimiglia (I always forget he and I are only exactly a week apart in age) and the 40th birthday of Billy Crudup. The boyfriend would prefer it if I devoted an entire post to Billy, since Billy's apparently the boyfriend's #1 pick forever and always, and he is pretty, and I have got to admit that Billy's certainly got the talent in his corner as well. Milo, bless his hot little ass, can't act for shit. But Milo also has yet to abandon his 8.5 months pregnant girlfriend, which, well... that's a demerit in ol' Billy's column. However do I choose? I don't. Happy birthday to both y'all. Now make out.

Milo can be seen next in the new season of Heroes of course, starting in September. Billy can be "seen" in Zach Snyder's Watchmen as Dr. Manhattan - who knows what he'll look like or how much of him will be visible, though - and in Michael Mann's Public Enemies as J. Edgar Hoover - think he'll get to put on a pretty dress? Both are due in 2009.

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