Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die

Signs (2002)

Well there's not really much to show for this week's Ways Not To Die - I really have to do a gruesome, bloody one of these things next; it's been too long - since the actual collision happens off-screen and we're only told about it after the fact in flashbacks scattered through the entire film, but with Night on my mind this week, and thinking back through his films (and as everybody feels the need to mention lately, all of his films up until tomorrow's release of The Happening have been rated PG-13 - oh my God he's gone R-rated! Hide the children!) we really don't see much, if any, death. We see ghosts in The Sixth Sense, but mostly well after their demises, and in Signs there's an evil alien invasion for chrissake and the only death we "see" is this one!

But Patricia Kalember, who plays Mel's dying wife Colleen, gives a terrific little performance in her flashback scenes - "Swing Merill swing..." - and begrudgingly I'll admit that Mel's great here too, and well... would you want your body pinned between a tree and a car so that once the car's removed your body will split open like a gut-filled Piñata? I thought not. Bad way to die, people! This is a BAD way to die.

This was also the first time that Night gave himself a large, important role in one of his films, as the man responsible for Colleen's death, and... well I personally thought he was fine (I have had, ahem, other opinions thrown at me on the matter). For one, I love the fact that every time we see his character he's attached, so to speak, to his car. In my opinion, it's only once M. Night gave himself a role where his character's writing manifests itself as the savior of mankind that things started getting sticky.

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