Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Busy Philipps


Did Busy Philipps do something to Judd Apatow & Co.? Like, did she piss him off in some way? Because I've finally begun (thanks to Joe!) to watch Freaks & Geeks and she's possibly my favorite character and I think she's really quite hysterical, but then I look at her filmography on IMDb and she hasn't been given any roles in Mr. Apatow's films while the fellas of F&G are being made superstars left and right. Now that I think about it, same goes for the wonderful Linda Cardellini. And those chicks in Undeclared as well. So what's your damage, Judd? Sexist much? Huh?

Ahem. Happy birthday, Busy! I swear I don't understand why your parents would name you after an unhappy experience - The damned line is busy! I'm busy, go away! It was so fucking busy at the S-Mart I just wanted to scalp the cashier! - but you rock all the same.


ant said...

Except Carla Gallo for some reason. She got to be period girl in Superbad and one of Jason Segal's conquests in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But Busy and Linda Cardellini--I don't get it either.

Joe Reid said...

But even with Carla, she's reduced to these cameos (though it's certainly funny that she plays the same role -- Girl Getting Fucked in Flashback -- in each of them), when she could be playing something more substantial. She was so great on Carnivale, too, I wish she'd get more work.


i think that i should also be thanked for continually saying how awesome this series is. Joe takin' all the credit!

and yes BUSY is great in the show.

Jason Adams said...

Yes, your continued praise of the show kept it on my radar Nat, so thank you for that. But, uh, Joe actually lent me his copies of the DVDs, so he does in fact WIN. ;-)