Monday, June 09, 2008

Ch-Ch-Ch Huh-Uh-Uh


Awesome news via STYD:

"Paramount Home Entertainment announces the DVD release of Friday the 13th: The Series. All 25 episodes of the first season will be available to own on September 23rd. No bonus features have been revealed at the time of this writing, but the show - which ran three seasons - will be presented in full frame.

The Series first aired in '87 and starred John D. Lemay and Louise Robey as Ryan and Micki, respectively, proprietors of a newly-acquired antiques store who track down cursed items that came from their shop."

Admitting the following makes me feel old, but I remember staying up late at night every week when this show was on and watching it on the tiny, fuzzy black-and-white TV set I had in my bedroom. Messing with the rabbit-ears, unable to see what the hell was going on half the time. Ah memories.

The show had absolutely nothing to do with Jason Voorhees, from what I remember; just this duo fighting evil objects. The only episode I remember vividly was one about a wax statue of Lizzy Borden coming to life and hacking people up with an axe. Ah memories.

It'll be wonderful to rewatch this again. Yes, it will probably suck hard, and another dear childhood memory will go down the drain. Those are the way these things work.


FDot said...

Glad you're back JA, hope all went well on the vacation.

I think the series holds up pretty well (own it on bootleg dvd), it really depends on which object du jour they were chasing (my favorite is the cursed compact), still, even the worst episode is better than that first Fear Itself episode.

More Robey = More Happiness!

Anonymous said...

Love love loved this show...I, too, used to stay up on Saturday nights to see what sort of evil object would be on the menu each week. I was a little disappointed at first when Jason was nowhere to be found, but I quickly got over it. It didn't hurt that I had a huge crush on Ryan...

Anonymous said...

So disappointed that you didn't include a shot of Louis Robey's giant hair.

Anonymous said...

I share your disappointment over a Jason-free Friday the 13th series, Shaun. I am sure there are many thousands just like us.

One plus for the series is that such directors as David Cronenberg and Atom Egoyan worked on it. Oh, Canuxploitation.