Friday, June 13, 2008

Breakfast With Dana

io9 has a gallery with a few new shots from The X-Files: I Want To Believe, which is out in just 42 days! That's July 25th, for those calendar-challenged out there. Here's Scully being fierce...

... and Billy Connolly crying tears of blood. What? Huh? I don't know; his character doesn't even have a name on IMDb. Don't come looking to me for spoilers, I'm going in fresh and clean as a baby's bottom. Well, a fresh and clean baby's bottom, not one of them soiled baby's bottoms, that's just eww. It's really too early for me to be writing about baby poop, I think. It's too early for me to be forming sentences, really. I need some coffee. Ooh coffee. And maybe a crescent roll. A fresh, flaky crescent roll, slathered with butter. I am going to die if I don't have one of those right now. Just die.

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