Thursday, June 12, 2008

"The Atlantic was born today and I'll tell you how."

So I saw Death Cab For Cutie at the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn on Tuesday night, and it was quite the spectacle. Remember the big ol' storm that came tearing through town? Yeah... as the band performed "The Sound of Settling" this gust of wind came a'blowin and all the lighting over their heads went a'shakin'... I could've witnessed Ben Gibbard's death! No, they finished the song and Ben yelled good night and we all went stampeding for the exits. And then the sky exploded.

The ever-reliable Brooklyn Vegan has a good post on the show with scads of photos, including the two above which I swiped. I think it was my fifth time seeing DCFC and they rocked the house pool this go-round pretty hard. Or... as hard as these Emo-Princes rock, anyway. Good show. And Ben looked very skinny. The end.

PS - One of my other favorite bands, Rogue Wave, opened for them, and I had not a clue they were doing so. Yay to happy surprises!

PPS - Fuck you, B61 bus. I hate you.

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