Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Once... Live

I know, I said I was gone - I didn't think I'd have time to post tonight but I just got home and I'm on such a high I'd be angry with myself if I didn't mention it. I got to see The Swell Season, aka Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, aka the lovely Oscar winning duo from the movie Once, perform at Radio City Music Hall tonight, and they blew the fucking roof off the place. The two of them inspire my more sarcasm-free side - I get a little wistful, a little romantic, when talking about them, so forgive me if I get all mushy here - and seeing them together... well, I've purposefully, willfully stayed away from reading anything about the two of them in real life, outside of the film, since seeing the film, and tonight felt like I was experiencing Once, Part 2: The Tour or something. I fucking hate ever describing an experience with the word magical, but ... well, it was something akin to that, only less gross. Lovely, genuine people and musicians and their awe at being were they stood was palpable and inspiring.

Glen told a story about how two years ago he and Marketa were in NYC performing at a small LES space called Pianos and they were all jazzed that they'd sold it out, and they were walking around town and walked past Radio City and Glen pointed to it and said "Now that's the place to play," and then less than two years later there they stood. And the fuckers totally deserve it! Aye that's the rub.

Also, Marketa flew her entire family over from Czechoslovakia to see the show, and she brought her sister on stage and they performed a song from The Wicker Man together. I mean... how do I argue or get cynical with that?


RJ said...

I saw them in concert a week ago in St. Louis. Fucking incredible. Was that busker from Dublin still opening for them? I really liked him too.

Heather said...

I saw them 6 months ago and they gave me chills. They came back last month but I was in DC and missed it. I was mad! Glad you loved them.