Friday, May 30, 2008

"I'm gettin' a little too old for that whorey look."

Alright, I think you know where I stand on the concept of a sequel to Donnie Darko. But hear me out: might it be a terrifically ridiculous piece of crap worth hooting and hollering in humor at? The casting of one Elizabeth "Nomi Malone" Berkley gives me - probably false - hope. Via DH, a descritpion of Berkley's character in S. Darko:

"Berkley is playing a speed freak-turned-Jesus freak whose sentiments about ridding the world of its exponential sin are rivaled only by her infatuation with her dreamy pastor."

If she rids the world of sin through holy-rolling lap-dances and press-on nails flaked with potato chips, I am so there.


RJ said...

I don't understand this movie . . but I'm not in love with the original so it doesn't upset me or anything.

Glenn said...


And I'm done.

Wait, no I'm not.




And I just rewatched Showgirls two nights ago!