Friday, May 16, 2008

I Am More Links

What can I say, it's a fruitful day in the neighborhood and there's plenty worth reading out there. Also, bored now = lotsa posting... my loss is your loss gain.

--- Baghead Jason Approves This Message - Just in time for The Strangers, Lazy Eye Theater visits the Eternal Truth that is "Bags On Heads = Scary". Piper speaks the truth!

--- Thankfully no one was injured, but The Film Experience had a Final Destination-tinged run-in at that terrible nexus where flying objects and fast-moving vehicles meet yesterday. With a picture to prove it!

--- If my little "Sun = Alexis" diagram wasn't enough, you can get more of an opinion on last night's episode of Lost over at Low Resolution.

--- I've been wanting to splurge the fifteen bucks or whatever it is that those 50 Movie Multi-Packs go for and buy a couple but I'm already so far behind with movies that I own I think to do so would be just to throw myself off the cliff of ever hoping to catch up. But I'm once again feeling the urge now that Final Girl reviewed a flick she watched via one called The Creeper which mixes Hal Holbrook and a head-on-stick javelin toss.

--- Leaving you with a nightmare, check out my bud Sean's web-comic with Matt Wiegle over here. Eerie stuff.

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