Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Am (Apocalyptic) Link

--- X Marks The Spot - STYD has got the international poster for The X-Files: I Want To Believe (--->) and it's pretty sweet. Makes me want a cherry sno-cone.

--- They Got Her - I really adore Final Girl's ode to the character of Barbara in the original Night of the Living Dead today, so go check it out. It's in response to Arbogast's call to write a post on the one character in a horror movie you would save from their horrible death if you could, a call to arms I've been meaning to take up as well but haven't gotten to yet (I will soon though, really). Stacie's choice of Barbara is a terrific one, though; I've always felt that Barbara got a rough ride for reacting to the apocalypse like most of us would - utter hysteria.

--- Speaking of apocalypse, knights versus vampires! Yay!

--- And Still More World Ending Shenanigans can be enjoyed over at Lazy Eye Theater where Piper counts down his five favorite disaster movies. Have I mentioned how much I love disaster movies? I need to do something on this specific sub-genre some time.

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