Friday, May 30, 2008

Gratuitous Scott Speedman


Who else? You thought I'd give a crap about Jason Lewis in Sex & The City or maybe some more love to my beloved Hugh Dancy in Savage Grace? Hell to the no, it's all about Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler getting their spooky-groove on in The Strangers this weekend. (Plus, the boyfriend has loved Mr. Speedman since way back in "the day" (read: Felicity) and maybe if I post lots of pictures of SS the boyfriend will always love me. Honey? Hello? Sigh.) Ahem. So, uh, here! Enjoy some Speedman!

That last shot there is as close Speedman and co-star Jimmy Marsden get to locking lips or anything intimate in the flick The 24th Day, which is a damned shame. You're gonna describe a movie's premise to me as being about a one-night-stand gone terribly wrong between those two actors and then that above is all we get? Shame, movie-makers. Shame.

Anyway, I've previously given Mr. Speedman a lil' visual lovin; check it here.


RJ said...

I knew this was coming. There's been far too much posting about him for it not to.

Glenn said...

Ben was always totally better than Noel. What was Felicity thinking even contemplating going back to Boring ol' Fuddy Duddy Noel? UGH!

Also: hot