Friday, May 23, 2008

5 Off The Top Of My Head - Do Ask, Do Tell

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, here are five movies, each the first one with regards to a specific branch of the five branches of the military to pop into my head. And hell yes I purposefully made this is the gayest list ever:

The Army
Tigerland (2000) - Yeah, this movie's sorta
consumed my brain lately... what can I say...

The Navy
Querelle (1982) - French Navy, whatever. Brad Davis...

The Air Force
Top Gun (1986) - Gayest movie on this list.
Way more homosexual than Querelle.

The Marines
G.I. Jane (1997) - I'm sorry Demi,
but Viggo was the star of this movie. Viggo...

The Coast Guard
The Guardian (2006) - Huh;
there aren't very many Coast Guard movies...


Joe Reid said...

Wait, is Ashton dumping a water jug out on top of his head while in a pool? What the fuck?

Jason Adams said...

I believe so, Joe. I have not seen the film. But that seems like it'd be a tough drill to run through or something. Somebody's fetish writ large, like all torment.

Unknown said...

I thought "Top Gun" was about Naval
Pilots? Isn't "G.I. Jane" about Navy Seals?

Jason Adams said...

It's entirely possible you're correct, Joshua. I didn't much do my homework for this post. It's more of, um, a mood piece than something to check one's facts on though.

Yeah, that's the story I'll be sticking with.

Incidentally, that b.s. is true for everything I post by the way. I banish reality! Begone!