Monday, April 28, 2008

Shia's Sun-Blanched Corpse


Does anybody else find the pictures of a shirtless Shia LeBeouf laying in the grass at Coachella (more at JJ) a little creepy? First off, he kind of looks dead. Secondly, they just seem more than a little stalkerish - his eyes are closed, just sunning himself in the grass, and some stranger just walks up and starts snapping pics of him? Getting like really close to him. Weirdos.

Unless this is some strange PR thing for Indiana Jones and the Case of the Crystal Pepsi (like Harrison Ford getting waxed last week; wha?) in which case... nevermind.


Anonymous said...

Creepy? Yes, I could never invade someone space like that... Glad they did it? HELL yes.

Unknown said...

wow..yum yum... ;)