Friday, April 04, 2008

She's My Rushmore


Whenever the boyfriend and I catch a bit of Rushmore on the telly - and that's often; Comedy Central is playing it all the time - we wonder whatever happened to the lovely Olivia Williams. She pops up here and there, but she's definitely someone I could stand seeing a lot more of. And now, Joss done gone made our wishes come true (again)! Via Variety (via AICN):

"Joss Whedon has found his "Dollhouse" master.

Olivia Williams ("X-Men: The Last Stand") has been added to the cast of Fox's highly anticipated "Dollhouse,"...

In "Dollhouse," Williams will play the beautiful but ruthless woman in charge of the venue where drones are programmed to perform various missions in the real world. Eliza Dushku stars as Echo, one of the "dolls" who starts to become self aware."

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