Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pretty Eddie


Eddie Cibrian is joining the cast of Ugly Betty for a few episodes, says TV Guide.

I don't watch Ugly Betty really, mostly due to the fact that I have a mostly inexplicable conviction that America Ferrera is a bad person - dollop as much sweetness onto Betty as you want, show-runners; I ain't buying it - but sometimes I'll watch a bit if Vanessa Williams or Becki Newton are on-screen. I love me some Becki Newton.

But I might find myself sucked in a little bit more often with Eddie Cibrian playing a gym teacher. Especially if they make this his uniform:

And hey, it's Ugly Betty. They really might make that his uniform, right?

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Anonymous said...

Pretty hot,Eddie!Love him,he's cute!Thanks for the fotos,leave some comment on my site,if you think Eddie's hottie!