Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Deserve This

Deep breaths.

Well, I went and got all me-me-me the other day, and now I only have myself to blame for this pie in the face. Via STYD comes this news:

"The wait is over. Third Rail Releasing, the newborn division of The Weinstein Company, rolls out Greg McLean's Rogue during a limited theatrical run on April 25th. exclusively received a list of the cities this nature-run-amok thriller is going to take a bite out of.

San Francisco
San Diego"

I'd assumed that "limited release" couldn't possibly exclude NYC and... well, how's that old saying go regarding assumptions? Ass is me, ass is me.

Okay... so, have I atoned enough for my hubris yet? Because there's something else I need to get out of my system...

You guys... I know this is a bit of an exaggerated response on my part, that I need to put my head between my knees and breath in a paper bag and repeat to myself "it's only a movie" and all, but I am so fucking angry right now I feel sorry for the next person to come up to my desk here at work because I'm simply not going to have any choice in the fact that I'm going to tear them to pieces with my teeth.


FDot said...

Detroit's closest. I guess you'll be flying there that weekend?

Glenn Dunks said...

Aww. As much as I usually laugh when Americans complain about not getting the chance to see movies (taste.own.medicice.etc.), but... awww.

I'm literally devestated for you. Fuck You Weinstein, indeed.

John T said...

How can you have a limited release without New York or LA but WITH Tampa?

Glenn Dunks said...

Isn't Tampa in Florida. Don't they have alligators in Florida?

Hence, it makes sense.

But, then again, NYC has alligators in the sewers so it shoulda been a given too.

(and obviously I meant to say "medicine" up there)