Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Frakking Bday, President Roslin!


What do you buy the fictional President that has Cancer and hallucinogenic drugs and the entire human race's fate on her back and an airlock fetish and a fancy new wig and a psychotic sidekick and a muffled in the way of those who've seen it all and lived a long life already love affair with someone she's often bickering with but in that sort of way that you know if they didn't have a thousand things weighing on their minds including again the entire fate of humanity they'd totally bump some nethers for her birthday?

I dunno. But check out my ode to the lovely Mary McDonnell for her birthday over at The Film Experience this morning.

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Herbaliscous said...

I was gonna suggest a new wig but she's already sporting one. I thought she had just bought some new GHD hair straighteners. How about a "Gaius is my home boy" T-shirt?