Monday, April 14, 2008

Buffy is 31

An enthusiastic "Happy Birthday!" going out to my girl Sarah Michelle Gellar, who turns 31 today. We're only 3 months and 1 day apart! It's like we're twins, only I wouldn't let go of mommy's uterus for awhile! And I'm tall and dark-haired and she's short and bleach-haired. Close enough.

You may remember that I named SMG's performance as Buffy my favorite TV character of all time. I stand by that claim, by the way. Also, after a long string of unbearable J-horror remakes, she recenty reminded me of how awesome she can be with Southland Tales. Next up, she might be playing Alice (fingers crossed!) in an adaptation of the dark-as-night video-game version of Alice in Wonderland.

Here's one of my favorite Buffy scenes:


Happy birthday, Smidge!


Joe Reid said...

Oh! THAT'S what I needed today.

kindertrauma said...

Mr Pointy would be proud!