Thursday, April 03, 2008

Birthday Brando


Today would've been Marlon Brando's 84th birthday.

Here's how I choose to remember him:

. .


sparky2379 said...

loves me some young, hot brando. the rest of my comment is completely OT with regards to your post but I think you'll appreciate anyway. in this gay rag i'm embarrassed to admit i read, i found out that her royal batshitcraziness bai ling has a blog, and i remembered reading a few posts about her here so i thought you'd appreciate getting the craziness straight from the source if you weren't aware of it already. here you go!

Jason Adams said...

I did stumble across Bai's blog a few weeks ago, sparky, around the time she was arrested, but then I forgot about it, so thanks for the heads-up again. It's somewhere that needs to be looked at daily, over breakfast; it'll make the day feel better. ;-)