Monday, March 10, 2008

Pic of the Day


I guess there was some big crowd shooting done in San Francisco today for Milk, Gus Van Sant's biopic of slain gay politician Harvey Milk, which the above shot is from (via here). Dare I say... Penn looks... handsome? Man those words hurt my brain. And that's not exactly the prime concern with this film, anyway. No gratuitous concerns on this one! Unless we're talking about James Franco. Did y'all see the word in EW last week that Franco and Penn will be steaming up a shower together? Good times.

Anyway, there are a couple more shots from today's shoot over here.


Fox said...

maybe it's the fuzzy filter, but he kinda looks like Brevkin Meyer in that pic.

Marius said...

Penn does look handsome. Have they posted any pics of him and Diego Luna filming some hot scene together? I'm not a big Diego fan, but whatever.