Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Am Link

--- A New Horror Stalwart - The actor Justin Welborn appears to have carved out a space for himself in horror these days - I just caught him in The Signal over the weekend (brief review: The first third kicks ass, but it begins to lose steam with the shift to a more comic tone in the second third, although there is still some very funny and scary stuff to be had.) and now comes word via BD he's been cast in Final Destination 4 3D (is that really the title? Ugh). And he's also in Dance of the Dead - zombies attack the prom! - which BD gives us the poster for (-->) as well as a gallery of highly amusing images from.

--- The vengeful parents of Last House On The Left are sorta the crucial roles in the film - it all comes down to them in the end. Wes Craven's remake (he's producing) has just cast Tony Goldwyn (could be good) and Monica Potter (could be BORING).

--- "Is Ben In The Coffin?" - TV Guide has the cast of Lost ask the show-runners Lindelof and Cuse questions that've been on their minds about the show. (via Sean)

--- A Marriage Made In Heaven - Joan Cusack has joined the cast of P.J. "Muriel's Wedding" Hogan's next film, Confessions of a Shopaholic, a film I was only paying attention to because of Hogan and am happy to now have another reason in the form of Cusack, a genius nutjob comedianne so perfectly suited to Hogan's tastes I don't understand why they haven't worked together before. The film stars Isla Fisher and Hugh "Swoon" Dancy.


Pax Romano said...

Dance of the Dead? Wow, sort of like Night of the Creeps - "Girls, the good news is your dates are here. The bad news is, they're dead".

Glenn Dunks said...

They need to change the name of the new FD movie to something absurd like Final Destination in the Third Dimension. Cause Final Destination 4 3D is really unseemly and tricky.

I mean, the final destination hasn't taken place in the THIRD dimension yet!