Thursday, March 20, 2008

BSG Top 10


I had a realization last night. That realization? I am old. Old as dirt. Because try as I might, I totally passed out about fifteen minutes into David Letterman and missed the Battlestar Galactica gang reading off his Top 10 list. I knew TIVO was recording it, so I allowed myself to sleep; if it hadn't I would've been stronger. Strong like bull! No... strong like Jessica Tandy.

Still, for others like myself, you can watch the video now over at The Late Show's site or at this blog, which is hosting the video for now... once it shows up on YouTube, as it inevitably will, I'll throw it on here.

I can't believe they had to wear their costumes! That's geeky.

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Joe Reid said...

You think THAT'S geeky. Check this...

1) Okay, Lucy Lawless being there means Three will be back in a pretty significant way this season, right?

2) Jamie Bamber wearing a suit means Lee doesn't go back to being a pilot, at least not at first, right?

3) Baltar's haircut! What kind of cult leader can he be without his wavy locks?

4) Everybody did well, but Grace Park, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Hogan, and Mary McDonnell did the best jobs. At delivering Top 10 List punchlines.