Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This Picture Is Freaking Me Out


What is wrong with Will Ferrell's head??? It looks like they photoshopped a version of his face that was turned straight towards the camera onto a head that's turned to the side. I can't tell what's going on. It's... abnormal. It's... wrong. It's... Freud's Uncanny come to life.

But then I look at some of the other pictures and his head's effed up in them too! But only the ones where his head is turned to that angle. Is it just a bad angle for him? Does Will Ferrell not have a neck? You can tell me guys, no use keeping it a secret anymore - Will Ferrell was born without a neck, wasn't he? What the hell is going on???

It's reminding me - although it's not nearly as freakish - of that Julia Roberts Vanity Fair cover where they slapped her head devouring a rose on top of a knee and called it a day. Shudder.

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