Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lost Question

I'm about halfway through tonight's episode of Lost and a question struck me that the answer is probably pretty simple to and I probably wouldn't have such a hard time remembering if this show didn't have such an irregular schedule of starts and stops... but I'm asking it anyway: what happened to all the, uh, other Others? We have Ben and Juliet accounted for, but where's their nefarious comrades? I feel like there was a moment in last season's finale where it was mentioned they were going somewhere, maybe, but I can't remember, and now everybody's convened at the barracks and I'm wondering where all the other Others have gotten themselves to.

That is all. Thanks!


RJ said...

Yeah . . . I can't remember either.

On a side note, am I weird or is Jeremy Davies the cutest thing ever?

Joel said...

I think they left didn't they? And they were going to take Locke and then they didn't?
I watch it so irregularly so I'm probably wrong...

Jeremy Davies is my most hated actor ever, so i have to disagree with the above comment... :)

Sean T. Collins said...

They went to "the temple," whatever and wherever that is.

Jason Adams said...

rj, you're not alone, I've had a crush on Jeremy Davies ever since Spanking The Monkey... which is disturbing, since that movie was all incesty.

Thanks for the info, Sean!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sean is right. Before Ben left with Alex to meet up with the plane crash survivors at the signal tower, he told the Others to leave to the Temple. I'm guessing there are more ruins on the island and the temple is part of those.

I just watched Season 3 in the past 2 weeks. Couldn't seem to get into it last year when it aired. But it feels a lot more exciting when watching the episodes so quick behind each other.