Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Am Gratuitous News

What better way to brighten a dreary Wednesday morning's news than to filter it down to stories involving aesthetically-pleasing guys and posting large pictures of them above it? (I can't think of a better way, anyways.)

--- I have to say that Ashton Kutcher's near total disappearance from my radar over the past couple of years has made me appreciate him more than I ever did while he was hamming it up in my face. He knew when to step away. He knew when to run. (Dammit that's gonna be stuck in my head all day now.) Anyway, he's signed on for an "indie sex comedy" called Spread opposite... Jennifer Jason Leigh? Huh. It's gonna be directed by David MacKenzie, who's used his previous two films, Young Adam and Hallam Foe, as opportunities to exploit his lead male's flesh - Hello Lil' Ewan! Hello Jamie Bell! - and as annoying as I've found Kutcher in the past... I can't say I have anything against his flesh being exploited. Fingers crossed.

--- Aussie rising star Sam Worthington - who's the lead, I guess, in Jimmy Cameron's Avatar, although nobody really knows nothing yet where that flick's concerned - has joined the cast of the next Terminator film opposite Christian Bale. This is another one whose story-line is being kept pretty under wraps, but we know his character's name might be "Marcus." Stew on that!

--- And in perfect casting news, Paul Bettany has signed on to play the archangel Michael in Legion, a movie about God's army of angels sent to Earth to kill us all. Sounds fun! Bettany and Tilda Swinton really own the market on playing angels, though. Or they should.

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Glenn Dunks said...

Sam Worthington and Christian Bale in the same movie? Oh hell, that's just... oh hell.

I'm gonna go drool/faint now.