Friday, January 25, 2008

Viva Chubby Bannister!

Oh joy! Nothing has brought me more joy in my two and a half years of blogging than this discovery: if you google the name "Chubby Bannister" my blog - this post's comments, specifically - is the first site to come up!

If you don't know, "Chubby Bannister" was the name assigned to the character played by Alfred Hitchcock's daughter, Patricia, when she won (was given?) her first acting role in Hitch's Stage Fright in 1950. Stories seem to vary, but supposedly Hitch didn't want his daughter becoming an actress, so some see this ridiculously wonderful name as his way of trying to persuade her away from the profession. Or perhaps he meant it lovingly, in his own delightfully weird way.

Whatever the reasons, it's the Greatest Character Name Ever Given, and I am downright giddy that MNPP is associated with the name in any fashion at all. I mean, we're even a notch above the IMDb page for Stage Fright itself! What a glorious, glorious thing. I hereby decree Chubby Bannister the Most Elite Patron Saint of My...Pants! Hooray!

As a sad addendum, I can find no actual pictures of Patricia as Chubby in Stage Fright online, a slight I will most assuredly rectify once I get home tonight and dig up my DVD copy of the film. Chubby forever!


juicy couture cargo pants said...

I do love Chubby too! Amen to that! XD

Anonymous said...

Ah. Just saw that Chubby passed away in August 2021 at the grand old age of 93.