Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Today's Mood

A very happy 35th birthday going out
to that delightful creep Angela Bettis.

May Dove Canady (Angela Bettis),

[talking to her doll] "I saw someone today. A boy. You know how when you meet someone...and you think you like them? And then, the more you talk to them, you see parts that you don't like. Like that guy on the bench. And sometimes, you end up not liking any parts at all. But this boy is different. I like every part of him. Especially his hands, they're beautiful [pauses] Don't be mad, you've been my friend my whole life. And you see me, you always have, but...I need a real friend. Someone I can hold. "


In other news, I'm headed home for the (long extinguished) holidays today... I stayed in the city over the actual holidays, and am now off for a long weekend of making the Friends/Family/Fun-time rounds. I'll be gone until Monday, and most likely will be offline straight until then. I might pop in on Friday when I'm at my mother's (and inevitably bored senseless); otherwise, y'all have a great end of the week/weekend, and feel free to study/dissect/comment/hate upon my End of 2007 post just below... it wants, needs, breathes your attentions... cheers!

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