Monday, January 28, 2008

Save Me, Brady Corbet!


I'm beginning to convince myself that the awesome Brady Corbet might be enough to right the wrong of the casting of his partner-in-crime in Michael Haneke's Funny Games remake, that being the unbearable Michael Pitt, just by being so damned cool. In this interview with the pair at ShockTilYouDrop, Corbet reveals he's a big Haneke fan, which pushes all the right buttons for me. Witness this exchange:

"Corbet: ... "Funny Games" is the most on-the-nose movie he's ever made. The original "Funny Games" and the new one - they're not even my favorite Haneke films - but I still love them.

Shock: What is your favorite then?

Corbet: "Code Unknown." But I really love what he's doing here because it was an experiment with something that was so on-the-nose. It's so brave and so well made that even the schtick of glancing at the camera is something he can get away with because it's done so tastefully."

I love that he admits that the very movie he's selling - the one he's in! - isn't his favorite.

It's a good read of an interview, and gives some interesting background to what it must be like to work with Haneke, who comes off in interviews as relatively close-lipped about his intentions (I particularly liked learning that Haneke agreed to do the remake only with Naomi Watts attached).

Well, the interview's interesting as long as you can ignore Michael Pitt going on about how he's worked with Bertolucci and how all the movies he makes are controversial... god I just wanna smack him.

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Glenn Dunks said...

I recently (as in just a few nights ago) rewatched Mysterious Skin and found myself so much more impressed with Corbet than I was the first time. I was blinded by Levitt first time around I suppose.