Friday, January 25, 2008

Must See Paranormal Activity


I don't really understand why the first-person shot, "found footage" movie gimmick a la Cloverfield is suddenly all the rage now, eight full years after The Blair Witch Project - my pal Sean considered the YouTube effect way back here - but I like it, as long as it works (as Cloverfield obviously did for me). I keep hearing the same effectiveness said of the Spanish first-person horror flick [REC] (which I prev. mentioned here), and now (without even getting around to mentioning Romero's latest and The Poughkeepsie Tapes) there's this movie called Paranormal Activity (no IMDb page yet, it's only shown at a couple festivals, but here's an article on the writer/director), which is apparently to ghost stories what Cloverfield is to giant monster movies.

Or that's how Moriarty at AICN sells it, and since of all the writers at AICN I agree with him the most often, I'll take his high recommendation with equally high expecations. Here's the trailer below via YouTube; check out Moriarty's take on the flick itself here.


Here's the film's website, and here are links to a few reviews:
Dread Central
Bloody Disgusting

Everybody seems to love it. No idea when it will get a real release, but I'll most certainly keep my eyes peeled...

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