Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Molly & Selma, Kath & Kim

I've never seen the Aussie comedy program Kath & Kim but I know some people who are huge fans of it. That said, the remake being built for American television has grabbed my interest with this casting news (via DH):

"NBC is in negotiations with Selma Blair ("Hellboy," "Cruel Intentions") to star opposite Molly Shannon in its comedy pilot "Kath and Kim", a US remake of the award-winning Australian comedy series of the same name.

The original show, which has grown to become an international pop culture phenomenon, follows the day-to-day suburban life of Kath Day-Knight and her only daughter Kimberly Craig née Day (Gina Riley) of Fountain Lakes, Victoria.

The comedy played up the dysfunctional mother and daughter dynamic and the stereotypes of middle-income suburbanites and went onto success in the US on the Sundance Channel.

Blair would play the self-absorbed and ever-complaining Kim opposite Shannon as Kath. Michelle Nader, who wrote the most recent pilot script, is executive producing."

I might have to go and find the boyfriend where ever he's reading this news and pull him off of the floor, as he's The World's Biggest Selma Blair Fan and loves Molly Shannon as well. Great pairing, this.


RJ said...

I watched Kath and Kim while in Australia. I doubt it'll work over here. Part of the show's appeal was that the two actresses look like they could realistically be that white trash. Selma Blair doesn't.

Jason Adams said...

But rj, what about this?

Joe Reid said...

...Seriously? I think Selma Blair might actually be white trash.