Monday, January 21, 2008

I Am Link

--- Bit of a cheat, really, but my bud Sean did the work for me so I link to him linking to all the Cloverfield talk you could want this morning. Could I also be linking to this because Sean designates something as the "Adams Axiom" in my honor? Am I that self-involved? Could it be? Who knows!

And speaking of Cloverfield, I'm seeing it a second time this evening and will hold off offering anything beyond my "Dude!" assessment of yesterday until post-second-screening... except to say, I found it extremely satisfying, it's precisely what I wanted it to be, and.... Dude!

--- A couple of Sundance points o' interest - First, AICN has a review of Brad Anderson's Transsiberian up, and it's not totally a rave but it does manage to include a sentence that explodes all my nerve-endings with glee:

"This is Emily Mortimer’s movie. She is the lead without a doubt..."

Greatest sentence ever? You be the judge.

--- And secondly, BD has up reviews of Michael Haneke's Funny Games remake and of a hysterically brief take on Bruce La Bruce's Otto; or Up With Dead People, which makes it clear this reviewer has never seen anything by BLB or he'd have known what he was in for. Pretentious? Check. Nonsensical? Check. Practically unwatchable? Check.


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Marius said...

Re: Cloverfield, I agree with you 100%. I saw it on Friday, and it was very satisfying. I even loved the viral marketing. It wasn't perfect but certainly better than most of the crap produced by Hollywood these days.

Jason Adams said...

I didn't dive too hard into the viral stuff, I was afraid I'd have info-overload going into the film, but I did read up on a bunch afterwards, about the deep-sea-drilling and underwaters rifts and baby creatures and soda companies, and it's all entertainingly loony. But I thought the film stood fine on its own without all that stuff. I keep reading people complaining about the lack of explanations or origin material within the film itself, to which I say HOOEY, I couldn't be more tired of that bull-crap, and loved not being given any of it within the actual film. I don't want explanations; I just wanted to be strapped into a "Non-Stop Thrill Ride" and I really felt like Cloverfield delivered on that front. I can't wait to see it again tonight.