Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Am Link

There's been a bunch of news I've missed with my small blogging-break, so this is me playing catch-up.

--- So happy to see PJ Hogan's name again... the man behind Muriel's Wedding is returning from a five-year break with Confessions of a Shopaholic, which was one of those endless string of chick-lit books that never grabbed my attentions in the slightest; knowing he's behind the camera definitely ups my interest though. Even more happy-inducing: Hugh Dancy was just cast as the main character's - played by Isla Fisher - editor. I have no idea how large a part that is, or what the story's about - shopping maybe? - but PJ knows how to exploit his fellas so this is a pairing I'm looking forward to. Pretty Hugh, Pretty Hugh.

--- Harry Knowles' enthusiasm is a double-edged sword; on the one hand, it's infectious and it's nice to see somebody so geektastically excited about something. On the other, he sometimes blows things way out of proportion. So I find myself wanting to react with cautious optimism to his insanely high praise for Cloverfield... but I succumb to my own weaknesses, and tremble at the thought of the super-coolness that possibly awaits. Four days til I see with my own eyes!!!

--- I am, quite predictably, very very happy with the news that the final Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows, is going to be split up into two separate films. Well, I'm happy as long as they're filmed simulataneously, of course, and released close to one another. Don't go making me wait an entire year or anything, people!

--- Also at AICN, apparently Fanboys - think Kristen Bell in a metal Princess Leia bikini - which has been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years, is getting re-shot to do away with all that depressing Cancer stuff. URGH. Cuz nobody finds Cancer funny! What a bunch of dipshits. AICN says that the Weinsteins aren't behind the re-editing, but we all know better. Monsters.

--- Unless they significantly up her character's story-time, Charlize Theron's part in The Road is really tiny. She's been cast as Viggo's wife, who's only in flashbacks in the book... they are really very significant scenes so I imagine they'll all be included, and perhaps fleshed out some more, in the film. I love Charlize so I hope she gets some, ahem, meaty moments.

--- Michel Gondry + Dan Clowes = Geek Bliss.

--- What Up, Hobbits - MTV Movies Blog speaks to Frodo and to Sam Gamgee about whether they see a place for themselves to return in the upcoming pair of Hobbit movies.

--- Behind the Mask - What horror character do you see yourself as? Or want to be? Check out this past week's Horror Roundtable at The Horror Blog for my brief, semi-sarcastic answer, and other people's much more interesting, less off-the-cuff takes on the question.

--- Late Late Very Important Date
- Once again I slipped up in making the Final Girl Film Club, but this one especially stung since it was for one of my favorites. Head on over and read Stacie's take on Dario Argento's Suspiria (which she'd never seen before! I know!) and then click over to all the other reviews.



wait... why are you happy about HARRY POTTER becoming two films? Does ANYTHING happen in the second act of that book? (i mean besides Harry, Ron and Hermione moping around by the campfire)

You could truncate that to 5 minutes and the film would move swiftly and come in under 2 hours.

consider me worried.

Jason Adams said...

I thought about that section of the book and how it doesn't need to be shown in its entirety when I heard the news, but I really do think that there's enough going on besides that to fill up four hours. Hell, I could deal with a four-hour long Battle of Hogwarts scene alone. But there's so much else I'd hate to see given short shrift. All the searching for Horcruxes could be terribly exciting. The dragon in Gringotts scene! The infiltration into the Ministry of Magic! All gold. And the ending really deserves epic treatment. Course, I'm one of those people that liked Return of the King's 20 endings, so... yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hugh seems to have a wee part, but since they may be moving the story to New York instead of London, who knows what else they may change? The fact that it's the one who made the freaking hilarious Muriel's Wedding (which I didn't know before now!) makes me optimistic about it!

qta said...




endless fun to be had... Frank Booth is terrifying... great choice.

Jason Adams said...


qta said...

through painted face and cultivated "suave" attitude...

"Here's to your fuck Frank."