Friday, January 25, 2008

I Am Friday AM's Link

--- I love Paul Thomas Anderson's ever-so-brief reaction to that rumor floating around that his next flick would be straight-up horror (via AICN):

"News to me. I thought I just made a horror film....

Wish I had something to report, but I'm dry as a bone...


Indeed. I figured as much; the man makes a movie every five years or so, so news coming this quickly struck me as a lil' early. And as much as I'd love to have a PTA film more often, if everything he makes is as good as what he's been making, then he can take the time he needs. No rush! Stay fresh!

--- Trash, Man - BD has word that the release date for Eli Roth's Trailer Trash has been moved from this August to an undetermined 2009 date. I can't say I'm shocked, I really never believed it'd be out this Summer anyway. It seemed too quick. BD is blaming the strike. The "Undetermined 2009 date" fate appears to have stricken the remake of Hellraiser, too.

--- Disney and Pixar have released some official-like news on Toy Story 3, which will apparently be shot for Digital 3-D a la Beowulf, as well as re-releases of the first two Toy Story films in the format, to which I give a hearty huzzah. Can't wait to feel as if I'm gently caressing the surface of Mr. Potato Head's mustache with my eyes.

--- That's a promo poster for Bond 22, aka Quantum of Solace (yes hates, I am still digging the title; read a description of the story it's from here) there to the left, via Latino Review.

--- Mahogony Re-Visited - Apple's got a revised trailer up for The Midnight Meat Train right here. Why it needed revision I ain't sure. Bring on the subway-set blood-letting already!

--- In case you want to read an interview with a Lost writer that talks about the new season and includes spoilers, here's a link. I am not reading it. 6 days and counting til the new season begins! Whoop!

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