Tuesday, January 22, 2008

5 Off The Top Of My Head - Nomination Highlights

After my smart-alecky post yesterday, I feel the need to now, with the actual nominations out there, express a lil' love for the things they did right, just cuz. I'm a mood-swing away from deciding I'm the Governor of Maryland and must always wear a pantsuit made out of macaroni, I tell ya. Anyway, the Oscar nominations that really do make me happy:

1 - All three actors from Michael Clayton getting nominations. I gotta admit I sorta squealed when they said Tilda's name.

2 - Those song nominations! Three noms for Enchanted, NONE for Eddie Vedder (and seriously, a hearty HAR_HAR to Into the Wild's general snubbing)... does this mean there's a real shot that "Falling Slowly" from Once could actually win? I mean, I still refuse to believe it will; they never give the song prize to an actual good song.

3 - Roger Deakins' double nominations for Cinematography means two different things to me. It means that the man has already been rewarded for a stellar year, and it means that somebody else can take the trophy (I don't think he really had a shot in the first place, even though his work in Jesse James was my favorite of the year). I know I'm a fool thinking TWBB could get it... and it's the one award I won't begrudge Atonement, since the one thing I can freely admit that film has in its favor is ace photography.

4 - Three of the nominees for Best Actor are eye-stabbing, bowling-pin-wielding, throat-slashing maniacs. The inevitable Best Supporting Actor winner blows an endless number of holes through people's faces. Yay for the evil men do!

5 - Sarah Polley: Oscar Nominee!



J.D. said...


God, this is a joyous day.

Anonymous said...

I admit, I squealed a little when I saw Sarah Polley's name.

There sure are a lot of Canadians nominated this year.

Ross said...

I was totally bored by the nominations...until I saw Sarah Polley's name! Now I have a reason to watch the show! (If there is a show, that is.)