Wednesday, January 30, 2008

5 Off The Top Of My Head - Birthday Bale


Christian Bale turns 34 years old today. I stand by my claim that it seems impossible that he's still so young, but I suppose being a child actor gives the illusion that having such longevity in "the biz" makes one older than one seems to be. Anyway, I did a massive picture post for Mr. Bale's birthday last year, which you can view right here, so this year I'll do something a little bit different. Here are my five favorite performances by Mr. Bale. And I should mention, while looking through his filmography I see there are a lot of his films that I've missed, shame on me, so their absence reflects poorly upon me, not his other work. But of what I have seen, these are my faves:

Jamie Graham, Empire of the Sun (1987)
"Learned a new word today. Atom bomb.
It was like the God taking a photograph."

Arthur Stuart, Velvet Goldmine (1998)
"I will mangle your mind."

Patrick Bateman, American Psycho (2000)
"I have to return some videotapes."

Trevor Reznik, The Machinist (2004)
"Right now I wanna sleep. I just want to sleep."

Dieter Dengler, Rescue Dawn (2006)
"Empty what is full. Fill what is empty.
Scratch what itches."


RJ said...

Does Little Women not exist in this universe?!

Jason Adams said...

I haven't seen Little Women in a very, very long time. Probably not since it came out. It's one I really out to see again.

Anonymous said...

[looks at the ap pic]